Looking to find out more info and discover some next steps for getting connected? On scheduled Sundays, stick around after the service for a welcome party in the lobby. You’ll get to know more about the church, meet our leadership, and hear the heart of what makes us tick. Kids are welcome and lunch is provided. Space is limited, so go ahead and register online at this link where you can view the upcoming parties. Once you click "Register" you will be able to see how many spaces are still available for the party you're trying to attend. You can also let us know on your Connect Card and someone will reach out to you to work the details and answer any questions you may have.

Welcome Party Common Questions

Is lunch provided?Yes, food is provided for all attenders.

Are kids welcome?Are kids welcome?
Yes, we want this to be a family experience, so bring your kiddos and they can join in!

How do I register?Go to our registrations page here and you can sign up for yourself and anyone else in your family.

When doest the Welcome Party take place?When doest the Welcome Party take place?
About 15 minutes after the service.

Where will it be?In the lobby. Just follow the food. :-)