CORONA, CA 92882

Questions about Services

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?We gather on Sundays at the First Presbyterian Church building located at 950 W Ontario Ave in Corona. If you are sending mail, please send that to 2910 Coventry Circle, Corona, CA 92879

WHAT TIME IS SERVICE?Services begin at 9:00AM on Sunday mornings and last about 75 minutes. If this is your first time to Breakthrough Church, we recommend arriving about 10 minutes early so we can show you around and answer any questions you may have.

WHAT DOES A TYPICAL SERVICE LOOK LIKE?Services at Breakthrough Church are casual, friendly, and last about 75 minutes. You can expect casual music and a message that will leave you inspired.

WHERE DO I PARK?There is plenty of parking on site and zero stairs to climb. Just park and come on in!

Questions about Kids

DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOUNG CHILDREN?We love kids! At Breakthrough Church, we have created environments for children 6 months old through seven years old. 

WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR KIDS OVER 7 YEARS OLD?We are working hard to create safe and fun environments for all of our young people. In the meantime, bring them with you into the main service! We are providing every kid with age-appropriate activities so they can be in the service with you while enjoying something specifically made for them.

HOW SAFE IS THE KIDS ENVIRONMENT?We take your child's safety seriously, so every staff person in Breakthrough Kids has been properly trained and gone through a thorough screening process, including a background check.

WHEN WILL THERE BE SOMETHING FOR MY TEENAGER?Not only are we building up our kids ministry, but we are working hard to lay the foundation for a youth ministry! In the meantime, we encourage middle school and high school students to attend main worship gatherings. Our worship leader and Lead Pastor both spent most of the past 20 years working in youth ministry, so we think your teenager will love it!

Questions About the Church

WHERE DID BREAKTHROUGH CHURCH COME FROM?Breakthrough began when twenty people formed a "Launch Team" of a dozen or so people gathering in a living room. This team spent several months praying and dreaming about the kind of church that people who don't like church would end up loving. Today that vision has come alive and you can be a part of it.

IS BREAKTHROUGH CHURCH A PART OF A DENOMINATION?Breakthrough Church is nondenominational. The church is a member of Transformation Ministries and the Excel Leadership Network. You can find out more about these organizations by going to their websites.

WHO IS YOUR PASTOR?Our founding pastor is Brian Drinkwine. He is a licensed and ordained pastor trained in

Personal Questions

WILL YOUR CHURCH ACCEPT ME DESPITE MY MISTAKES?So... you're not perfect? Perfect! You've come to the right place. Breakthrough Church is a different kind of church. You won't feel weird about showing up on a Sunday. That's because we're a judgment free, no-perfect-people-allowed kind of church.

WHAT IF I'M NOT A CHRISTIAN? CAN I STILL ATTEND?Absolutely! In fact, we started this church for you! We believe that you will find Breakthrough Church to be a loving and accepting community, free of judgment or high pressure tactics. So come, sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.